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An award from the India Overseas Congress (IOC)

IOC Award Dinner
with Dr Virander Paul, Deputy High Commissioner of High Commission of India

I was delighted to attend the Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) and celebrate the 66th Anniversary of India’s Independence last week. We were joined on the evening by politicians including MPs, Mayors (including the Deputy Mayor of Southwark), Councillors, dignitaries and business leaders and the Deputy High Commissioner of the High Commission of India, Dr. Virander Paul.

During this special evening, I was honoured to be recognised for my entrepreneurial contributions to the UK, stressing that while we remembered our home country, we were very much part of this country. I was then presented a medal and a shawl comprised of the Indian flag colours.

Later, with more than 400 guests attending, the Deputy High Commissioner made an inspiring speech highlighting the progress India has made since independence and the commitment of the Indian government to build stronger ties with the UK. He closed by saying he is proud of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and enjoys building relationships with them.



Written by Prem Goyal