Community champion recognised at Eid celebration

Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC), spearheaded the Eid al-Adha celebration in the ward of Portsoken on Saturday 16 September.

The event, which was sponsored by GMC, was held at Green Box (Portsoken Health and Community Centre) and was attended by about 120 guests, including Common Councilman, families and community leaders.

The evening was well received by those in attendance, with people praising the food, music and community atmosphere on display.

John Fletcher, Portsoken Common Councilman, said: “It has been a tremendous day of bringing the community together, starting with the Portsoken Chess Club in the morning, a very well-attended community Spanish and English lessons in the afternoon and now a massive Eid celebration in the evening.”

Prem used the opportunity to recognise Luz Fletcher, a leader in the Portsoken community, with a GMC Community Champion Award 2017 for her outstanding contributions to Portsoken and the City of London.

Following the awards presentation, Prem said: “It was a pleasure to present the GMC Award to Luz tonight. She has selflessly worked so hard to bring people together in Portsoken and beyond and shares her warmth with everyone all the time. I am proud of her.“

Thank you to Ayesha Azad and her team for helping to organising this event.

Written by admin