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Disability Campaigner wins SMK People’s Choice Award

Prem Goyal with Peole’s Choice Award winner Sam Jefferies


Sam Jefferies, a disability campaigner at the forefront of the Hear My Voice Campaign, was announced as the winner of the Sheila McKechine Foundation People’s Choice Award at the SMK Campaigner Awards 2016 on Wednesday.

Over 150 guests, incluidng MPs, Lords/Baronesses, business leaders and activists attended the annual SMK Campaigner Awards at the House of Lords.

Global Markets Consultants (GMC) were sponsors of the awards, which were attended by Prem Goyal, CEO of GMC, and Aaron D’Souza, APP’s London Assembly candidate for City & East.



Presenting the People’s Choice Award, Prem told the audience: “I myself am a passionate campaigner for creating leadership opportunities for young people and talented minorities.

“I am very proud to present this award to Sam Jefferies for his important work in representing people with learning difficulties. He has advocated on their behalf against policy changes and benefits cuts.”

Thank you to Sue Tibballs, CEO of SMK Foundation, and Megan Poyiadzis for organising this wonderful event.


Written by Reporter