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Inspiring our young people at Project B.I.S.C.E.Y’s ‘Careers in the Park’

Prem and Project BISCEY Careers in the Park
with the Project B.I.S.C.E.Y team

I was thrilled to be the keynote speaker and support Project B.I.S.C.E.Y’s ‘Careers in the Park’ event today in Burgess Park. Project B.I.S.C.E.Y (which stands for Behaviour Internalisation Self-Esteem Careers Empowerment YOU), set up by 11 young people in Southwark, aims at inspiring and motivating other young people to reach their highest potential.

In my keynote speech I spoke about how I admired Project B.I.S.C.E.Y’s model and the fact that this project is set up by young people for young people from all walks of life. I emphasised the fact that I believe that with proper guidance all young people can realise their full potential despite their socio-economic circumstances. And they should never underestimate the power of a strong finish to their lives.

After making my speech, I joined other business and organisations and gave those who attended some tips and insights as to how they could get into investment banking and also set up their own business. I told them that they had to learn about the banking sector, just the way they had learned about football, and be prepared to work hard and show initiative in what is a very competitive industry.

Josh Oluwafemi, one of the organisers said:

“It’s great that Prem got involved with our ‘Careers in the Park’ event. It’s really helpful for us to get outside support and good to know people like Prem are receptive to our work. Prem gave some very encouraging words to our young people and we look forward to working with him on future projects.”

I’m looking forward to working with the Project B.I.S.C.E.Y team in the coming months and finding new ways to empower our young people in Southwark to fulfil their dreams.

Here is a transcript of my speech:

It is great to be here with you this afternoon as the keynote speaker at this ‘Careers in the Park’ event run by Project B.I.S.C.E.Y.

I want to thank Josh and his team for inviting me here today.  And I want to pay tribute to you all for setting up this fantastic project to help young people in the coming generations. 

Project B.I.S.C.E.Y. is the result of your hard work, initiative and dedication. With your leadership skills, you have demonstrated that it is possible to make a difference in our community. And for that, these 11 young people should be given a huge round of applause.

If you are wondering why I’m here today supporting this project, let me share three reasons with you:

Number one – I am proud of the fact that this is set up by young people for young people.

When I was studying for my engineering degree in India and then my MBA at UCLA, California, alumni, colleagues and I always motivated each other achieve our degrees and aim higher. You should never underestimate the power you have to inspire your friends and peers to achieve their dreams and together reach your highest potential.

Second – I believe in Project B.I.S.C.E.Y’s model that recognises that for change to be truly made, the individual must take it upon him or herself to make/be that change.

Given my experiences, I can tell you that this is a fact. When I moved from India to America, I cut grass for four dollars an hour and saved 50% of my earnings to pay for my further education. By the time I graduated with the Dean’s Best Student Award at UCLA, the highest honour given to any student, I had no outstanding student loans. If you want to realise your dreams, you must commit yourself 100% to achieving it.  

And third and finally – I am absolutely convinced that all young people can excel academically and experience positive personal development no matter what their socio-economic circumstances are.

Today, we have so many companies  here just for you, so I urge you to speak to every single one of them and find out what they have to offer. Whilst the start of our lives is not in our hands, we can control how we finish: and lets us finish strong in our lives.

So I am proud to be here today as a supporter of this project and a supporter of young people and what you can achieve in your life. And I’d like to close by saying what my mother told me everyday:

“Ask not what others have done for you. Ask what you can do for yourself.”

Thank you very much.


Written by Prem Goyal