London Businesses can do better


Yesterday, I was invited ┬áto speak in mu capacity as an Ambassador for UpRising at the charity’s session on ‘Ethical Business in a Global Economy’ at Citibank in Canary Wharf, where I spoke to aspiring young business people about the importance of businesses doing more in their local communities.

I took part in the talk alongside Maxime Bligh, Programme Leader for the CBI Leadership Programme, and Michael Harvey, a strategy/business consultant, where we all presented our vision to UpRisers on how the UK could become for ethically sustainable.


I emphasized that London businesses can support their communities better by ensuring that 5-10% of their workforce are sourced from their local community, with their recruitment mainly targeting 17-25 year olds.

I also suggested that the government can offer incentives for businesses to recruit and train local talent, such as waving their National Insurance obligations and giving them preference in the bidding process for government contracts.

Following the event, Elisa Mescellani, Project Manager at UpRising East London sent a messages of thanks to me for sharing my insight into the world of business and leadership with the UpRisers

Thank you to Elisa Mascellani for organising this very beneficial event.

Written by Prem Goyal