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Offering to promote social cohesion with 3FF

Prem_3FF Meeting_1 Mar
Prem Goyal with Yasmeen Akhtar, Trevor Phillips, and Micheal Sternberg


Prem Goyal, Three Faiths Forum Champion (3FF), was invited to a 3FF Ambassadors’ Meeting at St. James’s Palace on Tuesday 1 March, attended by 50 guests, including 30 Ambassadors/ High Commissioners from European, African and Middle Eastern Countries, 3FF Trustees and other 3FF Champions.

The discussions for the Ambassadors’ Meeting focused on the local implications of the struggle for ideas against ISIL.

Those in attendance talked about the intractable violence in the Middle East region and the subsequent impact that the refugee crisis has had on local community relations and engagement.

Participating in the discussion, Prem noted that the business community are keen to assist a range of initiatives to promote community cohesion in light of the refugee crisis.

Thank you to Chloƫ Morley and her team at 3FF for organising this enlightening event.

Written by Reporter