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Supporting the Motor Neurone Disease Charity


On Tuesday, Global Markets Consultants’ (GMC) Prem Goyal and Aaron D’Souza were invited to a reception hosted by the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association with HRH Princess Royal and 50 other supporters and volunteers.

GMC are exploring ways to support the charity, raise awareness and spread the message to all communities. It was fantastic to see how the MND Association and their supporters have helped those diagnosed with MND on the Inspiration Wall. Contributions included marathon medals, ironman medal, letters and photos.


The Princess Royal and Stephen Rhodes, who was recently diagnosed with MND, also spoke about the work the MND Association does and urged everyone to continue their support. Later, Prem and Aaron spoke briefly with HRH Princess Royal and with the MND Association trustees and executive team.

Thanks to CEO Sally Light and Dr Douglas Graham for making us feel so welcome.



Written by Reporter